Miles Ralston

I moved to Seattle and I love it!

Posted on July 28th, 2012

Hello friends!

Well four weeks ago I packed up all of my things, and by all of my things I mean my guitars, studio, clothes and computer, and moved to Seattle. It’s a scary thing to do–leaving everything thats familiar to  you, but I have no regrets (so far!) about doing so. I had so much success living in Tulsa, OK and in Fayetteville, AR. Those cities were good to me. I gained so much experience performing and I attribute my second wind of songwriting, which produced my published album, to a lot of the beautiful surroundings in the Ozarks. It’s an inspiring place. I was fortunate enough to be a full time performer and make a living playing music for people. What started in Tulsa branched out to other cities in the state. What started in Arkansas branched off to other states, even. I know I think so fondly on my roots because all of the people I surrounded myself with were such honest, wonderful, hard-working, down to earth people. There is something to be said about people in the midwest. They seem so, grounded and comfortable. That’s a nice thing. But I was starting to feel a little out of place in the area. I felt I needed a change. Read more on “I moved to Seattle and I love it!” »

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